Custom Naoya Inoue The Monster Vintage Shirt

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Elevate your style with our Custom Naoya Inoue "Monster"  Shirt, featuring the iconic boxing sensation's fearless spirit. Crafted on the LA Apparel 1801GD garment in classic black, this shirt represents more than just fabric – it encapsulates the power, passion, and intensity of the "Monster" himself.

LA Apparel's 1801GD offers exceptional quality with its 6.5oz 100% USA cotton construction. The garment dyeing process ensures durability and virtually eliminates shrinkage, while the enzyme wash provides a comfortable, broken-in feel reminiscent of a well-worn favorite. The shirt boasts a sturdy and weighty texture, offering a generous fit and higher neckline for added comfort.

Embrace the essence of Naoya Inoue's tenacity and fighting spirit with this limited-edition custom shirt, available exclusively in classic black. Crafted in the USA and designed to stand the test of time, it's a tribute to the greatness of a boxing legend and a reflection of your unwavering support.

Unleash the "Monster" within and add this Naoya Inoue Custom Shirt to your collection today.

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