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Calendars are a tool that facilitates our daily lives, they are so much a part of us that nowadays there are all kinds of models, adapted to the needs of each person. Although we are in the digital era, printed calendars still fulfill an important role in our routine, because we can attach them to our work and study notebooks and thus maintain order in our academic and work tasks, even in those spaces where the use of cell phones is not allowed, such as libraries or work meetings

In addition to the calendar's utility, they have proven to be a very effective advertising and marketing tool, helping to promote businesses throughout the year with a minimum of investment.  

By giving a calendar as a gift to your customers you will have the option to promote your brand image and services. Choose an appropriate format and design that accentuates the characteristics and values of your company and besides being a good detail for the customer, it is also a good strategy to be present in the minds of new and potential customers.

Moreover, it can be the ideal ally for you and your company. One of the elements that contribute to the failure of a campaign is the lack of foresight. Using a calendar to organize each step of your campaign gives you time to act. In addition, having it on your desk or pinned on the wall will allow you to visualize your objectives and work towards achieving them.

Send us your calendar template, with the holidays or important dates for your company. We will print it on a state-of-the-art digital printer that highlights every detail of the design. Choose carefully the design of your calendar, as it will be an extension of your company and how your customers will see you, if your calendar is of good quality, your customers will know that your service is too.


You will be able to choose the material that best suits your needs and those of your company, we offer: 

  • 100LB Gloss Cover: This finish lets you see clean and bright colors. The material has long durability and resists humidity. In addition, dust and dirt do not adhere to it, and no handprints or fingerprints are left on its surface. 

  • 16PT Semi-Gloss: It shows bright colors, but does not reflect light. So it is ideal for reducing glare in offices with a large entrance of light. It is resistant to the passage of time and very easy to clean. 

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