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Retractable stands offer a great combination of effectiveness and convenience. They are easy to transport, very simple to assemble, and their affordability has turned them into a very popular advertising tool with many applications.  

They are lightweight and their construction protects the graphics while the stand is being carried around. Other big benefits of these banners include easy care, durability, and they do not take much storage space (a simple corner is all you need).

Once the graphics are rolled up, they offer a professional, eye-catchy, and budget-friendly alternative to display messages.

It is common to see them in trade shows, conferences, events, and as pieces of promotional decoration in stores, banks, restaurants, and shopping malls.  

  • Material options:
    • 14 oz Vinyl Banner (glossy or matte).
    • Pop-Up PET Film.
  • Simple setup.
  • Includes an aluminum casing for storage and transportation.

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