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In outdoor applications, the wind is a big factor and should always be considered.

Maybe you have not seen it yourself, but we know of many cases where due to inexperience and lack of knowledge, some poor soul has seen their banner rip, fray, or be blown away.

How to prevent that? One perforated banner should do the trick. 

These perforated banners look like a mesh if you see them very closely, but viewed from a distance you see vivid colors and beautifully printed graphics; the tiny holes in the material allow the air to flow through it.

You normally see this type of banners on fences, construction sites, festivals, concerts, expos, and other events typically done outdoors. But, they are so versatile that sometimes you can see them being used indoors as well. 

  • Material description: 10 oz Mesh Banner.
  • 70/30 means that 30% of the banner is actually holed; 70% is printed.
  • The largest size we offer in mesh banners is 10’ x 150’.
  • If you need it to be bigger we can attach banners to reach your requirements.
  • Printed digitally at 720 x 720 res.

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