16oz Blockout Heavy Duty Vinyl Banner

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Sometimes our standard 14 oz vinyl banner does not cut it. Sometimes you need a stronger material, with excellent tear strength that could remain intact and stunning even in harsh weather conditions.

 For those times, your best option is a 16 oz vinyl banner. 

They are the preferred choice for outdoor applications, although they work great indoors as well.

They withstand high temperatures, are waterproof, and can last for years with some easy and basic maintenance.

It is very common to see them as street banners, signs for buildings, outdoor expos and festivals, parades, building wraps, and other countless promotional uses.

  • How big do you need it? The largest banner we print is 120’’ x 150’.
  • If you need something larger we can attach banners to achieve it. It would look great, we do it all the time!
  • These banners are available in MATTE
  • Your graphics will look awesome; we print at 720 x 720 resolution.

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